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New generation dies and moulds are technically difficult to machine, and competition in this high stakes, global marketplace to produce them is intense. Success depends on your shop’s ability to meet your customers requirements for repeatability, accuracy and speed. That means you must employ the most effective machining technology available.


Okuma and MAQcenter have the technology, service and applications expertise to put you at a competitive advantage in this fast moving industry.


Meet the finest technology partners that provide best-in-class solutions in mould and die industry. High-volume requirements such as in-process and post-process gaging, as well as offer seamless integration with peripheral equipment like metrology, fix tooling and robotics. State-of-the-art additive manufacturing machines and the best know how in cutting tolos and fluids.



The OKUMA off-road center. With its gantry structure and its head of 15.000rpm and 199Nm dares with any application and material. From cast steel to aluminum production parts. We will show a 3-axis copying application with OKUMA’s Super-Nurbs technology along with Hexagon’s Cad Cam with Kosmek’s zero point fixturing system. Integrated into Okuma’s open control, the NC-Gage system from Hexagon allows measurement within the machine with simple programming.

Based on the proven technology of the MB-V series, the GENOS series of CNC vertical machining centers offers the OKUMA value at an economical and affordable price. Thermally stable, precise and rigid, these machines provide high productivity and profitability. In other words, Affordable Excellence.



The answer of OKUMA to the companies that need a center of 5-axis with the maximum speed and precision with an attractive price. This machine made in Japan has all the necessary options of OKUMA technology to achieve the best results, including the OKUMA Autotuning that verifies and corrects 11 geometric errors, from centers of rotation to linearity and perpendicularity of the axes. We will show an aerospace piece mechanized in 5-axis in continuous mode.

Its solid double-column structure, full 5-axis simultaneous control, and thermal stability performance give it the ability to easily cut a variety of materials. Features trunnion construction that offers exceptional accuracy, rigidity, and table rotation speed. The spindle produces less vibration and power loss at the tool tip for outstanding surface finishes and metal removal rates. 


5-axis center with gantry structure with 630mm table. The fast and powerful trunnion table allows machining simultaneously in 5 axes and machining multiple complex shapes. Its head along to the axis travel make it one of the 5-axis machines with more capacity in its category.

The UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-V series provides the power of process-intensive machining and high-speed, high-accuracy cutting through the combination of turning and 5-axis multitasking machining. Ideal for die and mould shops and highly complex aerospace components.


The LB series of OKUMA is the world’s leading exponent in turning machines. The accuracy and repeatability of the LB lathes is appreciated throughout the world during long working hours, avoiding stoppages, measurements and continuous corrections, obtaining a reliable series turning process. We will show the Okuma IGF programming system, along with the mechanization of complex parts and flexible mooring systems of Hainbuch.

With new models and 66 option variations offering high accuracy with enhanced multitasking capacity, the LB EX II series is the flagship 2-axis lathe in the Okuma line-up. Built on a high quality box slant bed and a thoroughly tested thermal design, the LB EX II series is able to achieve machining dimensional change over time of less than Ø5µm.



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