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Jingdiao, the perfect dimensional fit

Jingdiao can not only get a precise part, but also bring the pleasure and beauty of high-precision machining to the extreme.

Jingdiao‘s success stems from the company’s commitment to meeting the demands of its customers, research and technical development. The sum of all these factors has led them to achieve the perfect finish on their pieces.

In the mold industry, where accuracy is paramount, Jingdiao‘s solution is capable of working parts with a precision of 2~15μm, eliminating the need for mold assembly adjustment. Jingdiao can boast of being able to assemble 83 mold parts processed on Jingdiao‘s high-speed machining center and 212 standard parts without further adjustment.

The key is to digitize the proven machining process, the digitization of tool parameters in mold part processing, including tool selection, tool parameter setting, and tool wear control.

Thanks to digitalization, we achieve a processing of 5-15μm mold parts with a perfect dimensional fit.

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