SMARTPM is an engineering and solutions development company focused on intelligent automation and optimisation of industrial processes in the field of precision machining, based on in-depth process knowledge in both machining and metrology.

It was born with the vision of becoming the best partner for the automation of industrial processes, offering a complete and accessible portfolio of solutions and services.

Our objective is to maximise the productivity of these assets (people, equipment, tools, IT…) in machining companies, orienting them towards the development of intelligent factories, which learn and adapt in real time to a changing environment in search of maximum quality, productivity, with greater autonomy and a minimum impact on the

To this end, we have developed a unique software platform for automation in the machining industry (MIC by SMARTPM). This solution uses our knowledge of processes and metrology to connect assets, design, execute and control workflows, improving productivity thanks to predictive analysis, machine learning and autonomous cell management.

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