MAQcenter at MOLDPLÁS 2019

MAQcenter will be present at the MOLDPLÁS fair, which will take place from November 6 to 9, 2019 in Exposalão, Batalha.

Visitors to our stand will be able to see two machining centers from our representative Okuma, as well as Alberti accessories, Expertool tools and a model of the 5-axis gantry machining center specifically for large moulds, from Zimmermann.


Okuma GENOS-M460-5AX

Our sales representatives and technicians will show the participants the Okuma GENOS-M460-5AX 5-axis machining center.

The GENOS-M460-5AX machining center is the solution for those customers who need a compact 5-axis machine, capable of machining parts quickly and accurately, and with low production costs.


Capable of machining small medical parts, aerospace components, or 5-sided construction parts.

Wide range of materials and applications:

From titanium to light alloys. 15,000rpm, 199Nm spindle is the most versatile in its class

Engine with new design:

It incorporates a new generation motor that reduces vibration and power loss at the tip of the tool, providing high chip removal rates and excellent finishes.

Automatic calibration:

It incorporates the revolutionary Okuma Autotuning technology, which checks for 11 geometric errors (using a touch probe and reference sphere) and automatically compensates for them, resulting in extremely high levels of geometric precision.

Includes Thermo-Friendly

Another feature of the Okuma GENOS-M460-5AX is its Thermo-Friendly thermal stabilization system, which starts from a symmetrical double-column design and corrects temperature changes in relation to the machine environment, stabilizing thermal deformation and giving rise to to amazing dimensional accuracy.


Okuma GENOS-M560V

Our customers and friends will also be able to learn more about the GENOS-M560V 3-Axis Vertical Machining Center. A machine of rigid construction with a portal frame.


15,000 RPM and 199Nm spindle that allows roughing and finishing operations on parts made of all kinds of materials.
A perfect machine for the mold sector.

Includes Thermo-Friendly

Thermo-Friendly thermal stabilization technology that integrates and corrects the temperature of the machine when the ambient temperature changes. It stabilizes thermal deformation and achieves a unique dimensional precision.

Hi cut pro

Equipped with a speed and throttle controller that achieves tighter turns and smoother arcs, allowing for faster, more precise work cycles.

Machining Navi

The Machining Navi system autonomously calculates the optimal cutting conditions for highly efficient machining. Through an integrated microphone, the system will display on the monitor the available options to adjust the speed of the tree. The operator can accept the proposed changes and immediately confirm the result.

Servo Navi

Standard system in Okuma centers and lathes, it calculates the weight of the part and adjusts the acceleration parameters of the axes to avoid vibrations and achieve a better machining time with the best surface quality.


Zimmerman FZ40c

From the hand of our Zimmermann representative, we will show you a scale model of its FZ40c 5-axis center with 2,500mm x 3,000mm travel, especially suitable for the large mold industry.

5 axes of own manufacture

Gantry milling machine, specially designed for aluminum, composite materials, steel and cast iron.

Excellent temperature stability

The design of the FZ40C guarantees such temperature stability that it achieves high performance in terms of precision.

Rigid structure

Its 625×620 mm Z column allows the installation of the very powerful VH60 spindle of Zimmerman’s own manufacture, capable of heavy grinding (up to 500 Nm) in 5 continuous axes.


Alberti Innovative Solutions

MAQcenter will also present Alberti’s innovative solutions.

Linear and angular heads for all machining centers. As well as fixed and motorized tool holders for the main manufacturers of lathes in the world. However, Alberti offers special solutions for every production need.



Expertool will present cutting tool solutions from Kyocera and Widia.


MOLDHUB Portugal

We remind all our customers and friends that on July 11 we opened our second branch in Portugal.

MOLD HUB, center of technological excellence where you can find reference machines in the mold sector, of the main world brands: OKUMA, ZIMMERMANN, NOMURA, EXPERTOOL, ZOLLER, HEXAGON, NIKKEN, HAINBUCH, KOSMEK, SMW AUTOBLOK, CELLRO, among others. .

If you want to visit our MOLD HUB and learn about the solutions that allow you to give the productive boost you need, schedule a visit with us.