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Farsoon, optimal manufacturing of molds

The conventional method for manufacturing molds is machining using chip removal machines. A mold intended for production by plastic injection involves a large investment in hours of design and production, as well as a high cost of materials. This mold will be responsible for the manufacture of a large series of parts, so a manufacturing error can be fatal since having to make a new model means starting all the work from scratch.

Metal additive manufacturing technology offers shorter design cycles and greater versatility in the design and creation of metal molds. One of the important benefits offered by laser metal sintering (SLM) manufacturing is the ability to create directly printed molds with built-in cooling channels. In addition, it improves the geometries of the channels themselves, reaching more areas of the mold surface, while with conventional machining and subsequent welding technologies the possibilities of creating cooling channels are more limited.

Farsoon offers industrial metal additive manufacturing equipment capable of improving the cooling efficiency of the mold in ranges of around 15% and 25%, which implies a very high subsequent production capacity, since if the final manufacturer of parts can cool much more quickly will have greater productive capacity for new production runs.

Thanks to additive manufacturing, the mold industry gains greater profitability, product differentiation and competitive quality. Sectors such as the automobile, with an increasing presence of plastic elements in their bodies and interiors, is one of the many beneficiaries of this technology. Despite all sectors, for the most part, want to have parts in the shortest possible time and at a lower cost, incorporating cutting-edge solutions such as Farsoon‘s is the key to being competitive in today’s manufacturing industry.

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