SMARTPM is an engineering and solutions development company focused on intelligent automation and optimisation of industrial processes in the field of precision machining, based on in-depth process knowledge in both machining and metrology. It was born with the vision of becoming the best partner for the automation of industrial processes, offering a complete and accessible […]


Okuma, open possibilities With more than 120 years of experience, Okuma pushes the limits of machining and opens up new opportunities in terms of quality and productivity. Each of his machines are built to stand the test of time, but our goal is to make our relationship with customers even longer. The new generation of […]


Farsoon, optimal manufacturing of molds The conventional method for manufacturing molds is machining using chip removal machines. A mold intended for production by plastic injection involves a large investment in hours of design and production, as well as a high cost of materials. This mold will be responsible for the manufacture of a large series […]


Jingdiao, the perfect dimensional fit Jingdiao can not only get a precise part, but also bring the pleasure and beauty of high-precision machining to the extreme. Jingdiao‘s success stems from the company’s commitment to meeting the demands of its customers, research and technical development. The sum of all these factors has led them to achieve […]


After more than 40 years of innovation, Renishaw has established itself as an international metrology and systems technology group for the healthcare sector. It designs, develops and produces solutions and systems that deliver unparalleled precision, control and reliability. Its metrology products help manufacturers maximize their production by significantly reducing the time spent producing and inspecting […]


Afipre provides an accurate and precise cut that increases machining productivity. This makes them specialists in cutting tools. With more than 25 years of experience, they develop and produce special precision tools for the metallurgical and metalworking sector. The quality of its services and products are its distinguishing mark. They offer a quick and efficient […]


The Instituto Polit√©cnico de Leiria (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria) is an institution that focuses on innovative and quality processes that differentiate it from other higher education institutions. Innovation in the educational offer, including higher education in technology, as well as management, models and formats, make it one of the most recognized institutes in Portugal. 40 […]


Project solutions from design to simulation, project management and production. Cadnea, part of the ISICOM group, is a representative and certified training entity for SOLIDWORKS in Portugal, which focuses its activity on the distribution, support and training of CAD/CAM/PLM solutions. They count with an experienced technical team with the highest levels of qualification and SOLIDWORKS […]


Zoller, the partner for measurement, control and tool management. Its main objective is to support companies in their machining processes, thus increasing productivity and reducing production costs. How is this achieved? Measure and generate tools quickly, easily and with micrometer precision. Thanks to this work, there is a reduction of non-productive hours, fewer defective parts […]


Odditech started its project in 2001 in Leiria, with the manufacture of products aimed mainly at the mold industry and the automotive sector. With a highly qualified team, they develop their products according to the customer’s needs in a functional and professional way. In 2004, thanks to hard work and effort, they began their internationalization […]